Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication


If you only take one communication seminar in the next 5 years, make it this one because it will change the way you think and approach your work. As advertising and traditional marketing promotion have become less effective, the focus has moved to combining the many channels used by your customers and prospective customers to engage, influence and persuade target audiences. It combines elements of public relations and marketing which are directed at selling your products or services, winning customers and promoting loyalty. It helps you make best use of social media and other new channels.

This LAKESHORE ISL training seminar will:

  • Cover the relationship between marketing communications, marketing and PR
  • Enable participants to develop a toolkit of skills that will boost your campaign
  • Help delegates to become effective researchers using data to inform practice
  • Understand global digital communications
  • Help you develop your brand and reputation


At the end of this LAKESHORE ISL training seminar, delegates will have an understanding of marketing communications as part of their PR or Marketing strategy, specifically:

  • Understand the relationship between behavioural economics and persuasion
  • Use creative problem solving techniques for better communications solutions
  • Be able to generate content and stories across a range of media
  • Create strategies and tactics that use corporate social responsibility and cause related marketing to build brand trust
  • Be able to determine and develop the ideal communications mix for your audiences


This LAKESHORE ISL Marketing Communication training semianr will be delivered through a combination of presentations, group discussions and group exercises. Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions as the training seminar progresses relevant to their own backgrounds and company requirements. This LAKESHORE ISL training seminar will culminate in a group exercise in which delegates will have an opportunity to apply what has been discussed over the previous five days.

Organizational Impact

  • Greater value for money from communications campaigns
  • PR or Marketing content which will build reputation and brand
  • More data-driven and effective communication
  • An in house resource capable of organising world-class communication
  • Staff better able to generate significant ROI from social communications
  • Get better value from your marketing and PR spend


  • Know how the communications process works with insight from current psychological thinking
  • Positively influence your organisation’s PR and marketing systems
  • Ability to use a wide range of communications tools
  • Understanding of the principles of integrated communicatons
  • Use above, below, through and on the line effectively
  • Ability to use analytics and evaluation to demonstrate the value of your work


This LAKESHORE ISL Marketing Communication training seminar is designed for mid- to management-level marketers and PR professionals who wish to understand marketing communication and its benefits.



Marketing Communication – Its Value and Practice

  • Marketing Communication – A Brief History
  • World Class Examples
  • A Marketing Communications Audit of Your Comms
  • The Marketing Communication Process
  • Matching the Medium and the Message
  • Researching Your Stakeholders and their Needs / Wants


Marketing Communications and Your Brand

  • The Power of the Brand
  • Building Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Management and Communications
  • Measuring Your Brand, Culture and Brand Equity
  • Developing a Content Strategy
  • The Communication Plan


The Marketing Communication Toolbox

  • Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Creative Direction and Writing
  • Integrating Messages – The Message House
  • The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence
  • Researching and Measuring Consumer Behavior


New Media and the Communications Mix

  • The Rise of Social Media and Its Value in Business
  • Choosing Channels
  • Communities, Communication, Trust and Loyalty
  • Creating Customer Profiles and Identifying Audience Desires and Needs
  • The Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign
  • Campaign Planning, Delivery and Evaluation


Invitations, VIPs and Bringing It All Together

  • Creating A Successful Strategy
  • The Importance of Strategic Alignment and Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Customer Journey Focused Communication
  • Optimize Marketing Budgets Across Markets, Brands and Channels
  • Aligning Budgets against Business Objectives and The Market Opportunity
  • KPIs and Measurement and Evaluation
  • Summary and Conclusion


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