Strategy Masterclass Taking Your Knowledge of Strategy to a Higher Level

Strategy Masterclass Taking Your Knowledge of Strategy to a Higher Level

Creating tomorrow’s Organisation out of Today’s Organisation


This course is aimed at developing the knowledge and core competencies that experienced managers need in taking their part of their organisation to the next level of achievement.  It will demonstrate the process by which strategic management capability is developed.

This fast-paced course is based on leading-edge thinking and best practice in strategic management in the context of development of international operations.

This course will feature:

  • Understanding the major dynamics and trends of the global economy
  • Learning how to deal with accelerating change and how to manage its impact
  • Dealing with the increasing complexity of organizational structures
  • Developing human resources for the new reality of 21st century business
  • Securing balance and alignment of resources in implementing business plans


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate main international economic indicators
  • Contribute to strategy formulation and strategic management in their organisation
  • Develop high-performing individuals and teams
  • Understand and introduce the new organizational forms and structures
  • Develop their teams to think strategically about their personal roles

Training Methodology

The training process is based on a carefully planned mix of (a) highly-focused instructor input – with practical illustration of techniques and concepts; (b) group work on small-scale case studies; (c) interaction and discussion of specific issues in business strategy; and (d) group work on larger case studies. The training course manual will serve as a toolkit for subsequent everyday use.  There will also be presentations on DVD given by acknowledged world-leading authorities on some of the subjects that make up this training.

Above all, the principles and approaches to strategic management will be illustrated by reference to strategic decisions in real-life cases in which the instructor has been personally involved.

Who Should Attend?

This training is appropriate for a wide range of delegates.  The main characteristics of delegates are as follows:

  • Proven career potential that now requires a high-level understanding of strategy
  • Significant top-level operational management experience in their Organizations
  • Experienced specialists in corporate finance
  • Human resource managers who contribute to long-term staff development
  • Strong understanding of the basic principles of organizational design


This training will be presented at an advanced level.  Delegates will need to have had substantial senior management experience, including involvement in deciding the direction of their part of the organisation, if they are to understand and apply the material that is presented and thereby gain the full benefit from this  course.

Seminar Outline


Coping with Change in the Business Environment

  • The Changing Economic Balance between the Developed and Developing World
  • Value Migration – what belongs where?
  • Competitive Advantage – The shift from product / service to the business model
  • Globalisation: Economics, Complexity, Strategic Choice, People Development
  • Dealing with risk – Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Management
  • Case Study on Managing Organizational Development in a Changing World


Supply Chain Dynamics and the Agile Organisation

  • Strategic Development – from a products to a logistics focus
  • Supply Chain Structures and Approaches as the Basis for Differentiation
  • Evaluating, Setting-up and Managing Collaborative Business relationships
  • Agility, Virtual Organizations and the “built to change” Model
  • Organizational Life-cycles and Organizational Innovation
  • Case Study on Supply Chain Dynamics


Core Competencies – Developing Key People

  • The Life-cycles of Core Competencies in the Modern Organisation
  • The Characteristics and Competencies of High-performing Teams
  • Teams and Work-groups – how to design and lead / manage them
  • The Strategic Manager as Mentor and Coach
  • Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty
  • Case Study on Managing and Developing Key People


Leading-edge Tools and Techniques of Planning

  • The Principles of ‘dynamic alignment’ and Its Management Challenges
  • Planning in a ‘built to change’ Environment
  • Time Compression and Its Potential as a Differentiating Force
  • How to Link the Strategic Plan with Operational and Project Planning
  • Communication – The Starting Point of Sustainable High-performance
  • Case Study – The Enterprise of the Future


Producing a Strategic Plan that Gets Implemented

  • Strategy and Plans for Transformational Change
  • The Planning Process – timing
  • The Planning Process – inputs and outputs
  • Managing and Monitoring the Implementation of the Plan
  • Final Questions and Answers and Deciding Personal follow-up Actions
  • Course Leader’s Summary and Overview of the Whole Course

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